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Before you start

Before you go any further, watch the video below. In this video, Elke Van Hoof explains the effect that the coronavirus crisis has in our minds, and the benefits this intervention aims to deliver. To be well prepared, it is essential that all participating adults watch the video to the very end.


  • STOP here if you are experiencing dissociative symptoms, psychosis, substance abuse or suicidal thoughts. If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, please contact your doctor (GP).
  • STOP here if you have been personally affected by the coronavirus. This might be that you and/or your loved ones are (or have been) seriously unwell, or you have lost someone to the coronavirus. If this is the case, you need alternative support; please contact your doctor (GP) about this.
  • Within the framework of the tool we have developed to aid the public’s mental wellbeing at this time – i.e. a protocol explained in a video via – we guarantee that we have utilised all our expertise and efforts to the best of our abilities. Of course, we can only hope that the tool’s impact and effectiveness for you are as significant as possible, and we cannot be held responsible should it not meet your expectations or should you feel it has no effect for you. This intervention is not a substitute for medical interventions. We do not collect personal data via this protocol.