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Terms and conditions

Article 1: Applicability

These terms and conditions apply to every agreement between Ally Institute and its contracting party, to the extent that there is no express derogation from it.

Article 2: Purchase price and payment

Participation in the protocol via is free. Any personal analysis afterwards via a questionnaire and a report is also free.

Article 3: Complaints & liability

Ally Institute expressly states that it is not liable for any damage, consequential loss or other damage that has arisen while following the protocol or while following the questionnaire or the report.

Article 4: Terms and conditions of cancellation

It is not possible to cancel.

Article 5: Force Majeure

If Ally Institute is temporarily prevented from fulfilling its obligations, these will be suspended. Force majeure is understood to mean circumstances not attributable to Ally Institute that prevent fulfilment of the obligation. This is understood to include: strikes, pandemic, unforeseeable stagnation in the supply chain or by third parties on whom Ally Institute depends, and illness of employees, as a result of which the follow-up of the website, the protocol, the questionnaire and / or the report can no longer happen optimally.

Article 6: Dispute settlement

The parties will attempt to first resolve in mutual deliberation any dispute relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation, execution or termination of an agreement. If no amicable settlement can be reached, the parties will attempt to resolve this dispute by way of mediation by a mediator recognized by the Federal Mediation Commission and in accordance with the Cepani mediation regulations (email:

The mediation will commence no later than 15 days after the one party has served the other party with the request for mediation, and the duration of the mediation may not exceed 90 days, with the exception of express agreement by the parties.

If the mediation does not succeed, the parties will submit the dispute for arbitration, in accordance with the Cepani arbitration regulations (email:

Article 7: Applicable law

Belgian law governs every agreement between Ally Institute and the contracting party.